Parents To Bee

The ultimate antenatal course to prepare you for your wonderful upcoming birth. This course runs over 5 weeks based in Epsom, each class is 2 hours long.  Devised with the help of an experienced midwife this course is non-judgemental, relaxed and informal, whilst allowing parents to be to learn all about the physiology of birth, what to expect and what your choices may be.  This course covers the stages of labour and what to expect in each stage. Pain relief and all the options that are available to you. Inductions and C-sections, including the preparation and process.  Positive positions for labour, along with various tools to help you have the birthing experience you would like,  which includes breathing techniques as well as partner massage. We cover breast and bottle feeding, and the all important newborn stage. This includes practical help, changing nappies, learning to swaddle and how the knowledge of the 4th trimester can help you and your baby.

All parent to bee classes are held at Fennies Nursery, Hook Road, Epsom.

I am not here to make judgement on the way you wish to give birth I am here to provide you with the information you need, for you to make all the choices you wish to have the positive birth you deserve. 

  • 10 hours of antenatal education
  •  Informal and down to earth classes
  • All questions answered
  • Guidance notes for you to keep 
  • Support throughout your pregnancy as well as a visit once baby is born

Please note that this class will be a face to face class, all Covid 19 guidelines will be adhered to and followed.