An ideal course for you to attend with your newborn, there is no minimum age. This class is as much about mum as it is your newborn. A 5 week course based in Epsom, Surrey.  In this class we talk about how you as mum are finding things.  We cover topics that include colic, reflux and what we can do to help our babies with this, including learning a specific colic massage to help. 
We discuss mum's well being and how you are feeling physically and mentally. This is a safe space for mums to talk with no judgement made. 
We talk about the all important subject of sleep and the 4th trimester. What this means for mums and babies and how we can help ourselves and our babies. This course also covers baby safety and what to expect when weaning. 
This class is a chance for mums to meet socially, make friends, ask questions and share any worries. A great excuse to get out of the house!

What to expect from the course.

  • Each class is 45 minutes.
  • A chance for mums to relax and talk
  • Learn helpful tips to help you in those first few months
  • Disinfected and clean yoga mats are provided 
  • Refreshments are provided