Mums To Bee Movement 

This course is especially for mums to be.  Over the course of 6 weeks, each class an hour and a half, we learn and practice the routines which will allow your body to become familiar with the movements, so that you can be ready in mind and body for labour. These yoga based movements are to help your body with any aches and pains as well as progressing your labour, allowing your baby to find its optimum position for the birth. 
Whilst moving our bodies we learn breathing techniques. Breathing is essential to help our muscles (your uterus being one of the biggest muscles in your body) to work properly and efficiently, as well as a great tool to keep us calm, focused and relaxed. 
At the end of each week, mum will have the chance to be still, relax and bond with her bump; It is not unusual for mums to doze off! 
Each week mums will also have the chance to ask any questions, share any worries, anxieties and make friends. 

  • Each class an hour of pure relaxation 
  • Disinfected and clean yoga mats provided 
  • Disinfected and clean pillow
  • Refreshments 
  • A relaxed and safe space for mums to be

About us

Please note this is an online class via Zoom. The course runs on a Thursday evening at 8pm and is 6 weeks long. 

Each class is 1 hour.