Baby Massage  

"Touch is our first language" When we have our babies one of the first things we do is place them on our chest, it's this initial touch and feel of our skin that is so important to our newborns. This continues as our babies grow, which is why baby massage is so special. 
A gentle, calm and relaxing course which is ideal for babies up to 6 months old.  A great introduction to baby classes that allows you to bond with your baby. A 5 week course based in Epsom, each class is an hour long focusing on a different part of your baby's body in each week. Building up to a full body massage for your baby by week 5.  Benefits can include promoting sleep, stimulating circulation and enhancing immunity. A wonderful chance for you to tune into your babies small cues, whilst encouraging positive touch. 
At the end of each week we have social time. A time for you to make friends, that all important social network and a safe space for you to ask any questions. 


  • Each class is an hour long
  • Coconut oil to keep 
  • Disinfected and clean yoga mat to sit on

  • Refreshments provided 
  • Social time for mums and babies
Classes are now running face to face. This will be a 5 week course running at Ruxley Church. Please note a Covid risk assessment has been completed and your saftey is our main priority. You can find out more under our covid policy page.