About me

Hi, my name is Georgina and I run and own Mother Hive.  As a type 1 diabetic and a proud mum of two girls I never had the confidence to attend antenatal classes. I already knew that both my pregnancies were to be consultant led, and thought I would not need any other guidance. I was wrong. I felt totally overwhelmed and under prepared for my first daughter. I had no idea what to expect. The phrase "knowledge is power" certainly rang true. This led me to want to learn more about pregnancy, the physiology of birth and what you can do to help yourself through this amazing experience. 
Fast forward three years from when my youngest was born and I began teaching antenatal and postnatal classes. Becoming a qualified antenatal and postnatal teacher I wanted to provide an experience for mums and dads where there is no pressure to have a perfect birth or be a perfect parent. Your perfect is your perfect, but it may not be everyone's perfect and that is fine. My classes allow parents to learn about what to expect, how they may feel and how birth partners can help. I have now been teaching for over two years and it is such a pleasure to see bumps become babies.
Being a new parent is tough.  At Mother Hive there are no expectations other than coming along, meeting other parents,  enjoying yourself and hopefully picking up a few helpful tips along the way.  Knowing that you are not alone in this journey is sometimes all you need.